Simple Online Polls

Simple Online Polls with Vorbeo

One of the quickest and easiest poll creators around.

How Vordeo Works:
Go to their website
Type in your question and add different answers each one on a new line
Choose your color and size of text
Copy the code and paste on your web page or blog to publish.
Users simply click on their answer and click vote and they are taken to a new page to see the results.
All user responses are anonymous.

Simple & Easy but Not a lot of Features
This platforms does not have a lot of added features that might exist with others but it is really simple, quick and easy for anyone to create a simple online poll. You don’t even need to register or supply an email address.
You can create only one questions and answer on your single poll but can create unlimited number of separate polls and place on your webpages.

You are also limited to the type of answers you collect – no answers by asking for text/comments and you must provide the selected answer (yes, no, never, often, etc)
You can adjust the color and size of the poll to match your site or blog but do not have access to change the format or style of the questions (multiple choice, drop-down, etc)
Once a user has answered the poll- they can view how others have responded but will not be notified if their answer was correct.

Sample Ideas and Use
As all responses are anonymous, this is a great tool to offer to collect some honest feedback
You can create opinion polls based on videos from YouTube (just embed the video and poll questions in your blog page) or text.
You can use it to get some feedback on your blog from your readers.
You could use as a comprehension tool with your online text audio or video activities that are on your website or blog.
Learn more and create your online poll @ Vordeo Home Page

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