Social Polls & Questionnaires

Send as Email or Embed on Blog or Website – with Urtak
Creating Social Polls and Questionnaires – Sending URL Link via Email or Embed on your Website
A web based social polling application that enables you to very quickly and easily create online polls and questionnaires.  Get started by registering for free with only an email address.

The polls are simple and easy to use. Just type in ‘Yes , No’ questions or statements and then click Enter.  Give your poll a title and instructions and your are finished.

There is no limit on the number of questions you as in your poll and once you have created your poll you can either link to it via a URL (for emailing to others) or embed it on your web page.

Once the poll is live anyone who sees the poll can answer it without having to log in or register. Viewers can even add additional questions or statements to the poll but they will be required to register first.

Once users vote they can compare their answers to other people who have used the poll.

The poll gives a feed out of information on the right and you can even cross tabulate answers to different questions.

Your poll will not provide the ‘correct’ answer but shows the most popular answers selected. As the admin of your poll, if others add a question that you do not like, you can easily delete.

Aside from embedding on your web site you can embed your with other web based applications rather than just a stand-alone poll.

Any poll that you create is added to the application’s directory, so your polls are not ‘private’ so you do not have a mechanism for creating and isolating the results to a certain group.

It might also be recommended to set the ‘disable option’ to prevent people from adding questions to your poll unless you frequent your poll often as you be sure that some content might be added that is not relevant to the topic, within your target market, acceptability/approval, etc.

Because this is not a secured poll and if you use the URL method, be mindful that the full directory of polls may also contain some information that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Generally speaking, fun and easy tool that integrates with other web applications to improve web designs, materials, and interactions while gaining viewer insights and collecting some easily research to incorporate in reports, marketing, workshops and conference presentations.

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2 Responses to Social Polls & Questionnaires

  1. John says:

    I am to a great extent impressed with the article I have just read interesting very good.I read the Blog Nice site I found and I bookmarked the site.

    • Elaman says:

      My university uses Pro E but the suopprt and actual teaching of it is EXTREMELY poor. I have recently got my own copy of Solidworks, and although I am only just starting to learn it, I much prefer it. When looking at requirements of skills for placements and jobs, it seemed to be the SW is the most widely used. As you can imagine this is somewhat frustrating, feeling that uni is not properly preparing me for the outside world.Although I prefer SW, I would probably find Pro E more manageable if I was properly taught it. At the moment my course hardly uses CAD (I’m nearing the end of 3rd year in a 5 year MEng course; it’s shocking!) I realise that it takes quite a bit of time to learn a CAD package, and a lot of that time will be your own personal time, but it would be nice to have more structured suopprt at uni. None of my lecturers seem competent enough in it to even help with questions we have Reply

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