Free online Internet videos, TV series & movies accessible on any of your computers, tablets, smart phones, TVs.

Centralize your favorite TV series, movies, news, sports, music videos, podcasts & more – watch from browser, computer, mobile device, etc – with Zinc TV

A free online app that allows you to centralize your favorite TV series and movies from many of the leading providers and to enjoy from anywhere and share with friends and colleagues. Discover a virtually limitless amount of programs and Personalize the app by creating Favorites (My Shows) and Queues in one central place for all of your web content.  Unlike using Tivo or other DVR’s which typically allows you to record one channel at a time and has certain limitation related to storage capacity, this app offers the ability to access the vast storage of video on the Internet. Shows such as evening news that occur on many channels at the same time, are all made available for online viewing, you can watch them at your leisure and gain the advantage of multiple perspectives. The Internet is the ultimate digital video recorder and by utilizing the full features of the web application, users receive any continual improvements made with no requirements to upgrade or install while still being accessible from anywhere. This app also enables you to manage and view content while your are on the move by accessing your shows from your mobile devices.

Get instant access to the latest episodes from Primetime shows including ABC, CBS, Fox, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more. Watch a whole series or the most recent episodes of popular hits on TV such as NCIS, V, Family Guy, CSI, Glee, and many others whenever you like. Over Fourty Thousand Movies to choose from including full length, feature films; stream movies from Netflix, pay per view on Amazon, and tons of free movies from sites like Hulu and Crackle. Whether you like action, comedy, or documentaries, classics or the latest releases, blockbusters or independent films, they’re just a click away. Entertain or teaching children is easy using the app by selecting from the categories section. Easily locate information just right for children as they include information from National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and ABC Family. No need to wait until the right program comes on, just select the link and begin to watch at a time that is convenient from you and your children.

Not just television shows and movies, this app also helps you centralize programing designed specifically for the web, including YouTube videos,, Yahoo Video, Howcast, and many more. You cn also watch music videos from MTV and VH1, and listen to podcasts.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Create your Personal Collection Home Page
  • Combine favorite shows, movies and searches
  • Easy to see what you have already viewed, what is next & new
  • Easy to add shows as you browse
  • Setup/Share what you are about to watch
  • Many devices – iPhone, Android phones, iPad and Android tablets
  • Add your current movie or content providers (Netflix and Hulu)
  • Search “type’ of content (Free, from specific device type, integrated with provider – Netflix, etc)

Summary Review and Grade

  • Free Registration
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • Accessible from many other devices – mobile phones, tablets and televisions
  • Integrating more service providers

Organize, store, share and keep track of your favorite shows, movies and more utilizing a centralized service that is accessible from multiple devices.

To give it a try, visit the Zinc TV Home Page

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