Online file sharing – any format, any browser – no downloading

Upload any file format, view from any web-browser, work on any Operating System – with dropdo

Share files with friends and co-workers by providing a unique URL link. No need to send emails with file attachments that consume space, no need to wonder if your recipient can open and view your information because they may be working on a different operating system or have a different software version installed. Simply upload your file and send via a URL link that is viewable directly online, using any web-browser, with any operating system.  This makes file sharing very simple and is great for when the main purpose is simply to view the information without any need to download and is especially useful if you think a file might be infected by a virus.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Support for many file formats, images, videos, music, and more.
  • Sample of supported formats – PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, OpenOffice, CSV, RTF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPS, SVG, PSD, video and audio (including mp3), and plain text
  • Everything is performed directly from your web-browser
  • “Upload a File” from your computer (you can also paste a URL of a file to share)
  • Uploaded files are viewable directly from your browser
  • Share your uniquely generated URL with others

Summary Review and Grade

  • No Registration Required
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • Can’t set access rights (read-only, read-write, etc)
  • Can’t delete or collect URL files

Because there is no registration or account process, the system will not store or group your uploaded files so you will need to keep copies of your file URLs. You also do not have the ability to set different access rights (ready-only, read-write, etc) and will not receive any notifications of when someone opens or edits the file.  Lastly, there is no delete option, so once you have uploaded the file and been provided a URL, it is available online and stays online.

However, if the main purpose is to share a file (and almost any file format) with others to view or have access without the need to download, then this is a great and easy to use application.

Below are a couple of example utilizing different file formats:

Audio Sample |   Video Sample |   Image Sample

To give it a try, visit the dropdo Home Page

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