Quick and Easy Video Cards

Create Video Message or Greeting Cards – using BubbleJoy

Connect your webcam and create short (and fun) videos of yourself inside various card designs. Send to friends, family, co-workers or place on your website, blog or on Twitter…

Select from the different card designs and then directly from Any web-browser, record your message using your webcam.  After your card has been created, the system will automatically provide a unique URL that connects directly to your new video card. Simply copy and paste this link so that you can share with others.

Messages cannot extend beyond 60 seconds and each video card expires after it has been viewed 50 times so this is not something to use for mass production or to many users but a fun and easy way to send a brief message or greeting to select users.

Summary of BubbleJoy Card Designs/Backgrounds:

  • Holiday Backgrounds (Christmas, New Years, Easter, Valentines etc.)
  • Birthday (balloons, cake and presents, etc)
  • School-time (classroom, paper, etc)
  • Nature (beach, woods, mountains, flowers, etc)
  • Flowers
  • Textures
  • Fun (hearts, space, prison bars, etc)

Summary Review and Grade

  • No Registration Required
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required – although may need to work with your camera and flash settings (they provide an extra tip sheet for Mac users)
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms  – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • Video greetings limited to 60 seconds or less
  • Video link is disabled once it has been viewed 50 times

Here we have provided a link to help manage your Camera Adobe Video Settings if you encounter any difficulties.  We had to deduct a little in the grade due to some of the additional setting ‘tweaks’ that one may need to make and that there is a short limit on the time (both length of video and views) but we find this to be fun, easy and a nice little app to have at your disposal.

To give it a try, visit the BubbleJoy home page

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