Unlimited Devices – Free 2GB Online Storage, sharing, syncing & backup

Easy, secure & consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for any OS and unlimited number of devices with – SpiderOak

Another hybrid application (as you can download for Free on your selected devices and also retrieve your data via any Internet connection). This app provides an online backup which is FULLY scalable and allows you to select specific drives, or certain folders within a drive, to even specific sub-folders if you wish.  You can also select to exclude certain file types (exe., txt, etc) from your backup schedule. Simply check mark your drive, folder, documents, photos, music, etc and the application takes over from there. It backs up all your selected data securely. Additionally, the app tracks any updates or changes in your documents and provides historical versions so that you can select from earlier versions. Even if you delete a document from your hard disk, the app will still maintain a history for you!

The application is great for syncing data between different devices (computers with same OR different OS, smart phones, tablets, etc). You can also sync data between network drives, external hard drives and USB devices.  This really makes it easy for you to access your important documents and photos from anywhere and on any device.

The application also offers a very easy method for sharing your documents and photos with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can create ‘ShareRooms’ and even assign passwords to improve security.  Then place any desired documents, files, photos, etc in your ‘ShareRoom’ and provide your access information to your selected members.  The best part of this feature is that any of your items in your ‘ShareRoom’ are updated automatically whenever you make any changes.  No need to send out new links or email your members as they will always have access to your most updated versions.

Online Storage – select to upload your data from multiple computers (even on different OS – Windows, Mac or Linux), external drives, network drives, USB drives etc. The data is securely stored on the apps online website. This offers even greater flexibility and access to your data which can now be retrieved by you using any device with an Internet connection.

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Access all your data in one de-duplicated location
  • Configurable multi-platform synchronization
  • Preserve all historical versions & deleted files
  • Share folders instantly in web ShareRooms w / RSS
  • Retrieve files from any Internet-connected device
  • Comprehensive ‘zero-knowledge’ data encryption
  • 2 GBs Free
  • Utilize on Unlimited number of devices

Summary Review and Grade

  • FREE Registration
  • FREE and Cross-Platform Download Clients
  • FREE Installation on Unlimited Number of Devices
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • 2 GB Free
  • Access to historical versions and deleted files

Security of your Data – One of the things we like most about this app is the levels of security offered to protect your data. The application utilizes a unique no-knowledge policy, that basically states that even if someone were to gain access and ‘hack’ their physical servers, they still would not be able to read the data as all information stored is encrypted.  The application platform does NOT even keep your password on file!  All of these features (online backup, syncing, sharing, and storage) are totally Free up-to 2 GB. The application works on all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac), smart phones and tablets (Apple and Android) and also offers access to all your information via an Internet connection.  If you need more data space, the application provides 100 GB of data for $10/month.

To give it a try, visit the SpiderOak Home Page

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