Online to-do list, project/task manager and time tracker

Create tasks, folders, notes, status, priority levels & track time – using Toodledo

This is our favorite task manager yet because of some many features and the level of customization available.  Although this is mainly a to-do list app, because of the high-level functionality and many features, some users many may find this more similar to other project management applications. This is a great tool for keeping track of many small tasks and projects, particularly if these are repeated tasks and you want (or need) to keep track of time spent on specific tasks, sets of tasks or all.

Everything is web-based (works on all browsers) so you can quickly view, edit and add to your tasks from any computer or device that has an Internet connection. You can also setup reminders and have alerts sent to your mobile device (text, IM, email).

Review of Basic App Features:

  • Customize tasks & view settings
  • Integrate with other applications and services (Gmail, Twitter, Outlook, etc)
  • Built-in calender and notes
  • Email or Text alerts and daily reminders
  • Create folders and organize tasks
  • Tag tasks
  • Publish your task list
  • Search- quickly and easily locate any task, tag, folder
  • View tabs – All Task, Recently Added, Completed, Modified
  • Repeat tasks – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc
  • Task status – next, active, planning, postponed, canceled, etc
  • Timers- track amount of time on a specific task, tasks within a folder (topic) and total time on all tasks

Summary Review and Grade

  • Free Registration – only need an email
  • No Downloads
  • No Installation Required
  • Works on All Web-browsers
  • No Technical Experience Necessary
  • Works Cross-platform – on all computer platforms – (Linux, Macs, Windows)
  • Many features, customizable, integrates with many other applications & services
  • Great for repeated tasks & tracking time

Although the application does provide a ‘collaboration method’, you can share tasks/projects with other people and set different permission levels, the free version only allows for public view (read only) and even the paid memberships require that your collaborators have accounts and paid memberships (for editing). Paid members also have full access to historical graph charting and reports that can break down monthly activities, time utilization, and more across all or individual tasks (Pro Memberships are LESS than $30.00 a YEAR!!!).  The free service is PACKED with SO MANY options and may be EVERYTHING you need to help keep track of projects/tasks, time spent, and in return becoming more productive, focused, and goal oriented.

To give it a try, visit the Toodledo Home Page

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